Office 365 / Sharepoint online – Workaround to add RSS feed web part to public website

26 Sep

When I tried to include a RSS feeds web part to my public sharepoint site just the way I had done many times on intenal sharepoint sites, I found out that the RSS viewer web part was not available.

After searching the internet I found out why this was the case and I also found a workaround using a custom solution/webpart.

Even though it is possible to use RSS feeds this way on my public sharepoint site, it is not what I expected. In my opinion an RSS feed web part is such a fundamental part of websites nowadays that it should be available by default in Office 365 / Sharepoint online.

I hope that this will be corrected in the upcoming release of sharepoint (2013) for Office 365, but the preview still doesn’t provide this capability unfortunately:


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3 responses to “Office 365 / Sharepoint online – Workaround to add RSS feed web part to public website

  1. JV

    April 1, 2013 at 22:14

    I’m just starting to learn SP, and making a public site on O365. Stunned that there’s no simple RSS feed capability. Wow. Actually, I need a web part that will aggregate MULTIPLE rss feeds. So far not seeing anything that works on 2013.

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  2. sonia

    February 16, 2014 at 00:20

    Hi guys.. just tried something else. You go to your sharepoint site / site settings / under Web Designer gallery you will find web parts. Look for rss feed webpart and save it on your computer. Go to your public site and add a web part. Under the list of web part available you have the option to upload a web part,. Upload the rss webpart. Then setup the parameters and it works…



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