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My RSS feeds for keeping up with ICT news/developments (Microsoft, VMware, Cloud and gadgets)

Currently, there are many technological advancements taking place every day. To keep up with them is already very hard. To make it a bit easier I use RSS feeds to quickly filter what I think might be of importance to me.

A list of the RSS feeds I currently use can be found here , but you can also download an XML export of my RSS feeds here for easy import to your preferred RSS reader (assuming it supports XML import). I also advise you to check Microsoft’s RSS feed index so you can customize it to your own needs.

I personally use Google Reader for my RSS feeds because then my RSS feeds will be accessible from everywhere as long as I have a browser and an internet connection. When you are often on the road without an active internet connection, a dedicated client with cached articles from the RSS feed might also come in handy.

PS: The Microsoft blog rss feed had many articles added daily and can be hard to keep up with, but you can pretty quickly weed out duplicate articles and articles in foreign languages.

I hope this has been helpful to you.


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Free “Windows 8 for IT Pros Jump Start”

On October 18 (1 week before Windows 8 gets released), Microsoft is hosting a free “Windows 8 for IT Pros Jump Start” for those looking to get to know Windows 8 better.

If you’ve missed my post from yesterday, there’s also a free jump start for people who want to upgrade their Server 2012 certification.




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Free Jump Start for “70-417 Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server Windows Server 2012”

Microsoft is hosting a free jump start for those looking to upgrade their current Windows 2008 certification by taking exam “70-417 Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server Windows Server 2012”.

I’ve attended some jump starts in the pasts and I really like them, so don’t miss out. Even though I’m already certified, I will be attending it as well. You will always learn new stuff AND you get the chance to get answers to any questions you still have.


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Cloud essentials/foundations training and certification

Cloud computing is getting increasingly important nowadays and I expect it to keep on growing substantially. As most ICT professionals I’ve read a lot about cloud computing and I know some parts of it. To increase (and test) my knowledge about cloud computing, I decided to try and get these certifications:

These exams don’t just focus on the technical aspects of the cloud, but also on the business aspects and what cloud computing could mean for your ITIL processes.

I passed both exams todat with scores of respectively 86% and 80%. But I have to say that I did not like the exams very much. I feel this way because cloud computing is such a broad concept and the “best” solution often depends on many factors, which of course are not provided in the exam. I think these exams would both benefit greatly from using cases/scenarios. It’s a pity I did not see any option to comment on the exam questions either.

If I’d have to choose which certification I found most valueable, I’d go with the Comptia Cloud Essentials certification.

Free study materials I used:

I thought the quality of these study materials were mediocre at best and I have my doubts about the correctness of some of the statements. Especially because cloud computing is defined in many different ways and because the “best” answer often depends on the situation which is not described. But as with everything, you can learn a lot from it by being critical and looking up everything you don’t know YET and/or have doubts about. You will learn more this way, which is far more important than just getting certified. I personally learned a lot especially about specific cloud services. Unfortunately I did not have access to paid materials, otherwise I would have loved to check out the Train Signal CompTIA Cloud Essentials training videos seeing as they have a reputation to provide high quality material.

I will now close with some wise words I read on Seth Godin’s blog post called “Curiosity was framed“:

Curiosity was framed

  • Avoid it at your peril. The cat’s not even sick. (HT to C. J. Cherryh)
  • If you don’t know how it works, find out.
  • If you’re not sure if it will work, try it.
  • If it doesn’t make sense, play with it until it does.
  • If it’s not broken, break it.
  • If it might not be true, find out.
  • And most of all, if someone says it is none of your business, prove them wrong.

There are many more great posts on Seth Godin’s blog so be sure to check it out.


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Office 365 / Sharepoint online – Workaround to add RSS feed web part to public website

When I tried to include a RSS feeds web part to my public sharepoint site just the way I had done many times on intenal sharepoint sites, I found out that the RSS viewer web part was not available.

After searching the internet I found out why this was the case and I also found a workaround using a custom solution/webpart.

Even though it is possible to use RSS feeds this way on my public sharepoint site, it is not what I expected. In my opinion an RSS feed web part is such a fundamental part of websites nowadays that it should be available by default in Office 365 / Sharepoint online.

I hope that this will be corrected in the upcoming release of sharepoint (2013) for Office 365, but the preview still doesn’t provide this capability unfortunately:


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Office 365 / Sharepoint online – Change public site to look like a sharepoint 2010 site

When you first create a public site collection in Office 365 / Sharepoint online you get a default website that looks like this:

I personally prefer the Sharepoint 2010 site look:

To change the layout, follow the instructions in this blog post:

Please check my website to see what it can look like after some minor customizations.


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My re-modeled room

As most of you probably know, I spent a lot of time behind my PC for my work, learning and entertainment. Also because of my hobbies, I have a lot of gadgets and technology with lots of cables.

After re-painting my room, I thought it might be a good idea to re-model my room as well. In the process I threw away a lot of stuff, installed a wallmount for my tv and tried to minimize cable annoyance.

The result can be seen below:

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1st Dutch PowerShell User Group (DuPSUG) meeting on November 23rd

At November 23rd the 1st Dutch Powershell User Group (DuPSUG) meeting will be held in November at Master IT in Eindhoven for free.


  • Using Windows PowerShell 3.0 to manage the remote Windows 8 workstation
    Ed Wilson (Microsoft Scripting Guy)
  • PowerShell and WMI
    Richard Siddaway (PowerShell MVP)
  • What’s new in PowerShell 3.0
    Bert Wolters (Microsoft Certified Trainer with Master it Training)
  • Protect your PowerShell scripts with version control
    Stefan Stranger (Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Netherlands)
  • From command, to script, to function, to advanced function, to tool.
    Jeff Wouters (freelance Technology Specialist at Methos IT)

Read more about the meeting, the sessions and the speakers here:

Also keep in mind that the available seats are very limited, so quickly sign up if your interested.


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Free “VMware Your Cloud or Mine” events

Today I got a mail informing me about free “VMware Your Cloud or Mine” events being hosted in the Netherlands:

  • Thursday October 18th in Rotterdam
  • Tuesday October 23rd in Eindhoven
  • Thursday October 25th in Utrecht
  • Tuesday October 30th in Zwolle

Check the link to sign up and get more information about the event.

I will be attending the event in Eindhoven at October 23rd.


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I passed exam “70-687 Configuring Windows 8”

Besides getting “MCSA: Windows Server 2012” certified , I also passed my Windows 8 exam “70-687 Configuring Windows 8“.

I’m still waiting for the results of 4 beta exams and hope I can pass them and get these certifications:

To be continued ……

PS: For more information about Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, be welcome to check my “Microsoft Information Flood” post. I’m a bit behind on updates, but it should still prove to be a valuable resource.


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