Information from the “Windows 8 for IT Pros Jumpstart”

19 Oct

After some technical difficulties the “Windows 8 for IT Pros Jumpstart” started about 50 minutes later than planned. For people new to Windows 8 I think that Stephen Rose and Joey Snow covered most of the important features that are relevant for enterprises. For me personally however, it was mostly repetition since I’m already very familiar with Windows 8.

The recorded videos are available now as well:

Nevertheless, for people who are interested, I’ve saved the chat / Q&A from the jump start which also includes a lot of links to use if you want to know more about specific features.

Some links from the Q&A include:

For people who are either struggling with the new user interface themselves or expect their family, friends, colleagues or customers to struggle, I suggest you take a look at my previous blog post.

If you’ve missed this event, it has been recorded and will probably be posted online somewhere in the next two weeks.

Also for those who are looking to upgrade their certification to Server 2012, next week there’s another jumpstart “Prepare for exam 70-317 – Upgrading Skills to Windows Server 2012 Jumpstart”. I hope to see you there.


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4 responses to “Information from the “Windows 8 for IT Pros Jumpstart”

  1. Panos

    October 25, 2012 at 21:45

    Hi, and thanks for sharing the Q/A from Win8.
    Do you have the Q/A from W2K12 (70-417)?
    (I’ve only from the 2nd day… from the 1st day deleted by accidentally!!!!!!!!
    It would be very-very useful for me, because I’m prepering for the exam!

    kind regards


  2. Panos

    October 26, 2012 at 00:06

    I have no words! you’re the best!



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