My opinion about the ITpreneurs Cloud Essentials eLearning Course

24 Oct


For those who haven’t read my previous blog posts, here’s a short summary. A couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted to know more about cloud computing and get certified as well. I used freely available resources to attain these certifications:

In short, my conclusion was that the quality of the freely available resources were not sufficient. ITpreneurs responded to this by giving me access to their own paid ITpreneurs Cloud Essentials eLearning Course.

First of all, thanks to ITpreneurs for this opportunity. Also even though they provided me with access to this course, nothing was expected in return. They just wanted to share their knowledge with me. Because of my personality, I felt however that that the very least I could do was to:

  1. Provide constructive feedback on the course
  2. Write about how I experienced the eLearning course

And this blog post is the result.


Browser used: Google Chrome 22.0.1229.79 m
Version of the eLearning course I reviewed: Cloud Essentials Course r1.2.0
Period I reviewed the eLearning course in: October 5th – October 8th

My opinion:

  • The course as a whole was of high quality and the chosen sample case helps to better understand what implications cloud computing can have in real life.
  • Even though the course was designed to prepare you for the CompTIA (CLO-001) certification, I feel confident that it can also be used for preparing for the Exin Cloud Computing Foundation (CLOUDF) certification. If you have to choose one certification, I personally prefer the CompTIA certification.
  • There’s sufficient variation in the way information is offered (written text, spoken text, and interactive elements including quizzes).
  • Things I think the course and its users would benefit from:
    • A printable handout.
    • More detailed information about origins of (aspects of) cloud computing.
    • More detailed information about strategies for transitioning to the cloud.
    • More detailed information about currently available cloud services, cloud applications and the companies providing them.

All in all, I think the ITpreneurs Cloud Essentials eLearning Course is a really good course at a good price point. Especially if you also take advantage of their special bundle that also includes the Cloud Challenge Business Simulation and the CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam.

I’ve already had contact with ITpreneurs about these possible improvements and I feel confident that they’re continuously looking at ways to improve their learning materials. So it’s very likely that some of my critique might not be applicable at the time you are attending the course.


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