Windows 8 – Apps in Windows store hacked, what will Microsoft do ?

27 Nov

In the last week several newssites reported that apps in the Windows store had been hacked. First there was a hack to convert a trial app to a fully functional app using WSAConeKey. Then there was also a “hack” to remove ads from apps.

I wonder if, how and when Microsoft will patch these vulnerabilities. If they don’t do something quickly, I think it could severely limit the number of apps being developed for Windows 8. And although the number of apps in the Windows Store is increasing pretty quickly, there’s still some catching up to do.

On the plus side however, Microsoft has sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses in a month 🙂

I’ve personally been using Windows 8 for quite some time now and really like it. It did take some time getting used to, but Hyper-V makes my life so much easier. For me the Modern (Metro) interface and Windows 8 apps are a nice extra, but to be honest I don’t use them that often. Maybe that will change when more good apps will be released.

[UPDATE 12-12-2012]
App developers have always been able to secure their apps better as mentioned here.
[UPDATE 12-12-2012]

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