VMware announces version 6.0 of their products (and why I hate the recertification program)

03 Feb

VMware version 6.0 products announced

Yesterday VMware announced version 6 of their products including vSphere 6, Virtual SAN 6, etc. I’ve read a bit on some of the products and to me it seems more of an evolution and less of a revolution. I’m also seeing similar concepts being introduced that Microsoft already implemented in Hyper-V. All in all I think the competition is good for the consumers. If you want to learn more about the VMware version 6.0 products, take a look at these sites:

Why I hate the recertification program

For some time now I knew that VMware would release version 6.0 of their products, but in the meanwhile I’m required to recertify before March 10th. I would’ve preferred to spend my time on version 6.0 of their products instead or on other technologies instead of being forced to focus it on version 5.5 to keep my certification status. Therefore my suggestion to VMware is to ensure that the recertification requirements take into account releases of new products. The ICT work field is already moving at an extremely fast rate and it is already hard enough to keep up without having to recertify (for multiple vendors and certifications).


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3 responses to “VMware announces version 6.0 of their products (and why I hate the recertification program)

  1. Terrence Healy

    February 23, 2015 at 17:52

    I gave up on Certifications after 20 years experience. Is it necessary to be able to recite every specification and commit it to memory, when I can google it in 2 seconds, or I know how to use support if I cannot research and figure it out. HELL NO, as fast as technology advances a RED LIGHT WOULD COME ON in front of my eyes saying ” ERROR DISK FULL”. Research as an administrator is key, but committing a million specs to memory would only allow you to do one thing continuously 23 hours a day. I have a family, a band, and I do VMware, Active Directory, SAN’s, Endpointe, Netbackup and Networking and the last cert I got was an MCP from Microsoft 20 years ago. I manage a Data Center and I am the sole Admin.


    • Bjorn Houben

      February 23, 2015 at 23:09

      I get your point and I agree with you, but to keep a specific partner status and its benefits we need to stay certified.



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