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Powershell – Get Percentage of Pysical and Virtual Servers from your VMware and Cisco UCS combined for each location

In a previous blog post I’ve already shown this script that use PowerCLI to get the percentage of physical and virtual servers from your VMware environment for each Virtual Center server. This script however only took into account ESX hosts and VM’s in each Virtual Center server separately.

This means that:

  • The UCS blades weren’t taken into account as physical servers.
  • No percentage was being calculated for each physical location.

This new script automates determining for each location the number of physical and virtual servers in VMware vSphere and Cisco UCS.

PS: You can get more detailed information from the script, but it has been disabled using comments by default.


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PowerShell – Get UCS Blade Count

PowerShell has been adopted by many companies already including VMware and Cisco with its Unified Computing System (UCS).

This simple script will use the Cisco UCS PowerTool to connect to UCS and determine the blade count for each UCS server you’ve defined.


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