Give to charity and get great games (or the other way around)

19 Sep

The concept

Even though charity is about giving and not getting, it is nice to get something as well. This is exactly what several people thought as well.

Most of the times:

  • They sell games from (indie) game developers
  • It’s up to you how much you pay, but paying more than the average might get you bonus games. Sometimes even also previous bundles.
  • You can decide how the paid amount is split between the developer, charities and organizing party.
  • Games are multi platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android), but this differs per game.
  • Games are DRM free, but this differs per game.
  • Games are redeemable on the steam and/or desura platform, but this differs per game.

(Indie) Humble Bundle 6

(One of) the first bundles with this concept was the Indie Humblebundle and they have just released their latest bundle: Humble Indie Bundle 6 which in my opinion contains the best games I’ve seen in a bundle yet:

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 contains the following games:

PS: Even though it’s not in the Humble Indie Bundle, Torchlight 2 is coming out tomorrow as well. It is fairly priced (especially in a 4-pack), looks promising and will include modding options (expect a lot of fan made content).

Other game bundle offers

Besides the Indie Humble Bundle, there are more bundles available. Not all of them involve charity and not all of them allow you to set your own price. But it might be interesting to check some of them:


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