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VMware – Free e-learning courses and free tool (vCenter Operations Manager Foundation) available

In the last week, a couple of cool VMware related things have been made available for free:

  1. vCenter Operations Manager Foundation is the entry-level edition of the vCenter Operations
    Management Suite that will help you manage the health and performance of your vSphere environment. It is now included for free with all vSphere editions. For more information about the complete suite, read the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite Edition Comparison. Eric Sloof from NTPRO.NL also created a video showing of this tool.
  2. E-learning vSphere Data Protection and Recovery Fundamentals
  3. E-learning VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals

I didn’t have time yet to check these out myself. If you’re already using this tool or have already completed a course, please let me know if you liked it.

To keep track of free e-learning courses, bookmark


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Windows 8 – AppRace 2012 kick-off event December 6th at 18:30 CET with live stream

Tweakers is hosting the AppRace 2012 together with Microsoft. If you have the skills and time to build it, be sure to sign up for the AppRace. The best 5 apps are being rewarded with a Windows 8 RT device and the winner also gets a ticket for TechDays.

Today (December 6th) the kick-off will be at 18:30 CET. There will also be a live stream available if you’re curious about the event.


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Windows 8 – Beware of the differences between shut down (fast startup) and restart

As some of you might know Windows 8 has a new feature called Windows 8 fast startup. As the name implies, this allows for a faster startup.

Basically when you use shutdown in Windows 8, the system is never completely shutdown. It basically closes the user sessions and hibernates the kernel session (instead of closing it as with Windows 7). When you us restart in Windows 8, the kernel session will be closed.

It is important to realize this, because some changes to your systems might require a reboot to become active. Even though in the past it was also ok to shut down the system and then start the system again, with Windows 8 you really need to perform a restart.

To manage the Fast Startup feature, check this blog post. Here’s another great blog post that discusses the Fast Startup feature in more detail and also covers Fast Startup in relation to shutdown.exe and PowerShell.

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Windows 8 – Tips to improve Windows 8 productivity with the new GUI

I’ve been using Windows 8 for quite some time now (10 months or so), but at first I also had trouble getting used to the new GUI. When I talk to people about Windows 8, there seem to be a lot of people that are having these troubles as well.

For those people, please read this great article before deciding to move back to an older version of Windows:

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Windows 8 – 5 deployment and systems management session videos

Great videos of Windows 8 deployment and system management sessions can be found here.


  • Creating Custom WinPE 4.0 boot images
  • A Geeks guide to the Galaxy – Building a SC 2012 Configuration Manager OS Deployment Solution
  • Inside Windows 8 – The new Assessment and Deployment Kit, ADK
  • Inside Windows 8 – Mastering the Setup Engine
  • SC 2012 Configuration Manager OSD – Tips & Tricks from the Deployment Masters

These sessions were recorded at the NIC 2012 (Nordic Infrastructure Conference). Be sure to check the website for more videos and interesting information.


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Altaro offers 50 Free Home PC Backup Licenses until December 24th

Altaro is offering 50 Free PC Backup Licenses for ALL Hyper-V admins to use or give away to friends/family. You only have to send a screenshot of your Hyper-V manager together with your name and E-mail.

I have no experience with Altaro Home PC Backup, but since it is free, why not take advantage of ths offer and test it.

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Humble Bundle – Give to charity and get great games (or the other way around)

A new Humble Bundle, the Humble THQ Bundle is available now and it includes some great games.

This is a way to give to charity and get great games (or the other way around). Basically you can determine how much you give and you can even specify who should receive which amount of your donation. You can read more about the concept and other bundles in a previous blog post.

The Humble THQ Bundle

The Humble THQ Bundle contains the following steam redeemable games:

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