Recordings of the book event: “What Makes A High Performance Organization”

30 Oct

For those who don’t know what a High Performance Organization is, please read my previous blog post because this post will only cover the event organized around the latest book from André A. de Waal called “What Makes A High Performance Organization

The event was held at the Maastricht School of Management (MSM) and was very well organized. Food and drinks were available and all aspects regarding logistics (including parking) had been properly taken care of as well.

Seeing as I had already read the book and was already pretty familiar with HPO, there was not that much new information for me. Nonetheless it was great to hear how companies like Grohe Netherlands (Rob van den Maagdenberg) and HP Defence / ATLAS consortium (Nick Churchman) have been working on becoming an HPO, what difficulties they have come across and what they’ve learned from these experiences. It was also great to meet many interesting and inspiring people who are very passionate about what they do.

Another interesting aspect that is not covered in the book was the question regarding causality:

  • Will you become #1 by being/becoming an HPO ?


  • Will you become an HPO because your #1 (because you have more resources to become an HPO) ?

Both can be true.

Video recording were made, so I assume these will be posted at a later time to the great HPO resources shown below. For those who cannot wait for the videos or prefer audio, I’ve uploaded audio recordings.

[UPDATE 23-11-2012] A video montage of the book event can be found on linkedin / youtube.

I’d like to thank the Maastricht School of Management (MSM), the HPO Center and all other people responsible for this great event. I look forward to future events like this one.


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